Xanadu is a portrayal of the Fear of Disorientation from OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING. It was originally a separate universe that spawned from The Empty City, but quickly grew into its own separate entity. Before the apocalypse came, it was just the Empty City, but with the apocalypse, something drastically changed within the universe's fundamental laws. Doors became staircases, elevators, or completely unnoticeable acres of land, creatures came to life within the universe and started coming out into ours, and The Fears started to use Doors as transport less and less.

Story-wise, Xanadu is "the land down the rabbit hole" that the protagonists use for transport and a means of reaching The Ciphers. Throughout the story, the 'rabbit holes' grow in size, until there are rabbit holes in Act III that engulf all of the United Kingdom. On May 21st, Cockroach Jesus appeared to seven people and told them they would be taught some of Xanadu's secrets. These figures have become the Knights of Xanadu.

Notable locations

  • The Camper Festival: An eldritch concert venue whose presence has been recurring.
  • The Ciphers' Realms: Seven "levels" of consistent physics and reality filled with challenges. Ruled by The Ciphers.
  • The Arena: A basement with a giant television and an Xbox hooked up to it. The Knights of Xanadu duel the protagonists here.
  • Rachael World: A suburban neighborhood filled with a hive mind of naked submissive women, ruled by The Ecclesiarchway.
  • The Ruins: Leftover "parts" from The Empty City. Frequented by a giant screaming face.
  • The Factory: A disturbing factory of unknown origin, unknown ownership, and unknown purpose. Seems to be linked to both The Slender Man and The Beast.
  • Dogscape: The world of the creepypasta of the same name.
  • The Peisistratos: The ancient library of Tiresias, and up until Act III, his prison.
  • The Classrooms and the Forest: Seemingly abandoned locations where time behaves irrationally.

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