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Where My Eyes Remain was a short blog written by DJay32 about protagonist Veronica's struggles to get over her past trauma involving The Slender Man. The blog is notable for featuring a unique and grotesque version of the slender man. It can be found here.

Plot Synopsis

Where My Eyes Remain

The slender man at the story's climax.

The blog begins with Veronica recalling a memory of childhood trauma, wherein she witnessed a large group of her friends be ritualistically sacrificed by the slender man. She got out of it alive and grew up to be a very cynical policewoman. In the present day, Veronica's boss explains to her that his wife and children were murdered by the same creature, and then Veronica notices the slender man is stalking the both of them. In a rather confusing series of events, her boss is killed by the slender man, and she becomes a proxy.

Veronica spends a while following the slender man into the woods, learning his secrets, and leading innocent people into the woods to be killed. After some time, she takes a look at herself and realizes what she has become, swearing to end the slender man for once and for all.

In the middle of the night, she finds him and attempts to kill him, blacking out at the climax of the fight. When she awakens in the morning, she has overcome her fear of him, and she goes to turn herself in for all the assisted murders she had committed whilst being a proxy, confident that the slender man shall never pursue her again.