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Subject is enjoying an ice cream whilst wearing a hoodie in the Australian Summer.

Subject Designation: WereMagi

Subject is currently going over large changes to how the Subject approaches its writing. All prior information is considered deprecated and has thus been removed.

Subject is being monitored to see what changes are being made, some of which include:

  • Disregarding the nearly standard Blog format that other subjects use for it's writing, solely using subject's preferred novel format.
  • Taking the idea's of it's old blog, Insanation of Insanity, and doing a complete rewrite for the novel format.
  • Seen noting how this affects the possible second novel, based on what may have had happen in They Bleed Ashes
  • Subject has been seen taking the notes of other blogs, Lyron's Den and A Tale to Tell to Tempt Temptations
  • Has also been noted to be taking content from folder labelled We, The Afflicted.

We can only say for sure that the Subject is planning something grand.

Current Project: Trails in Fear

Pre-2016 Works -

Fear Mythos:

We, The Afflicted:

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