Walter Emmerich is a rogue Nightlander that somehow retained his humanity after he escaped The Empty City.


Project Prometheus

In 2019, Emmerich was recruited as a member of The Bird of Hermes Initiative by Thomas Campbell. By 2023 he became the head scientist of Project Prometheus, where he was forced to conduct genetic experiments on death row inmates as part of Campbell's campaign to "enhance" humanity. Although he felt deeply ashamed of his involvement in these atrocities, he remained silent on the matter after Campbell threatened to kill his pregnant wife and five year old daughter if he revealed any of Project Prometheus' crimes to the United States government.

Project Prometheus' crimes against humanity were finally stopped in the late 1920's when the FACTS killed every single person involved with the creation of Director Campbell's alleged "supersoldiers." Emmerich was about to be murdered by DARKNESS when one of his previous test subjects escaped from their prison cell and used their teleportation abilities to send him to The Empty City. After searching for an exit for over seven months, Emmerich attempted suicide by drowning himself in a nearby river but was transformed into a Nightlander by the Empty City. He somehow managed to escape the Empty City with his humanity intact and was allowed to rejoin the Initiative after forty years in containment on the condition that he'd be kept on constant supervision. Over time Emmerich would regain the trust of his former colleagues and was promoted to administrator of the scientific department.

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