Violet Smith is a Scion gone wrong and the narrator of False Visions. After The Vision transferred too large of a chunk of her consciousness into her, Violet became a duplicate of her. 



Violet describes her father as abusive and insane. She reports that he murdered her mother in front of her with a chainsaw after she burnt his Playboy collection in a fit of rage. Violet was planning to kill him with a butcher knife until The Vision appeared and persuaded her to spare him. It is unknown if this information is accurate or not.

Relationship with The Vision

Violet appeared to have had some kind of romantic relationship with The Vision in the past, which dissolved when she became her duplicate. The Vision subsequently imprisoned her in a prison implied to be the Singularity Cell. She remained there for approximately sixteen years, before being released by Jack of All, who promised to help her get revenge in exchange for serving him as The Stone-Cold Prophet. She accepted the offer but quickly grew distrustful of Jack when he started to contradict his reasons for helping her. In the final post of False Visions, Violet claimed that she and Jack defeated The Vision and sent her to the Singularity Cell. However, Violet's role as an unreliable narrator and Jack's untrustworthy nature puts the validity of these statements into question.

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