The Tower of Trepidation is a multi-author crossover event centering around the titular tower.

The premise is as follows: the protagonists of each blog start off on the ground floor of a huge tower. Each are put in separate rooms where they are met with a note saying that escape is not possible until they make it to the top floor, where they shall meet the being that brought them there.

The catch is that each floor pushes their limits more and more, with each experience personalized for the individual as the go up. Some may even meet others who are there along the way and team up. According to the letter, this being wants to see who is worthy, but does not specify in which matter.

Blogs Involved

Blog Author
tricking the esprit de corps Pandora
Tower Log Gabriel Syme
The Towers Gently Fall Sordin
Blood and Graphite Rajkot
To Reach the Top NoFourthWall

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