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This is Number Nine was a short blog by alliterator about a servant of The Quiet. It can be read here.


The narrator, Number Nine, calls herself an "Agent of the Quiet and a member of the House of Nothing." She is revealed to be a serial killer, with her favored weapon being the straight razor.

She receives a signal through the radio that, when decoded, says, "Katabasis Station." She finds a specific radio station of that name and goes there to find an old man who calls himself the Intermediary. The Intermediary holds numerous files on the Fears and those who are their victims/survivors.

The Intermediary got Nine to come to the station so he could tell her something: that the Quiet does not care if she serves it. The Quiet does not care about anything, since it is, in fact, nothing. Then the Intermediary tells Nine to go.

This event shapes the ending of They Sought It With Thimbles, where Number Nine is revealed to have stolen the files on Baker and Bellman and gone after them, in an attempt to have one of them kill her and give her oblivion, instead of becoming part of the Archangel when she dies.

The Intermediary closes out her blog with requiescat in silentio.

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