The void

A rough painting owned by The Spoken shown as an estimate of what they believe The Void would look like, white particles representing the multiverse and time, all surrounding a singular point

The Void is an extradimensional location whose nature has only been vaguely explained. It is described by the Pawns as the space outside the multiverse, combined into a single empty void that can only be accessed by The Architect, who uses it as a transportation method to other Architect Verses. Rules set by the Architect, or any other higher power above his authority, do not apply inside of it, and touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight do not exist. The nothingness is neither peaceful nor malevolent, but the opposite of both. How this works is unknown, and it is beyond human comprehension. The only beings who inhabit it are The Voyagers, a highly advanced race of unknown origin that used it to escape a devastating war that threatened to destroy their species.

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