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The Venter Verse is an open source setting created by SoulEatingBunny. It is named after Venters, man-made machines that allow the user to travel through different dimensions.


The Venter Verse revolves around the terrifying creatures called Lepers. Lepers are insect-like monsters that have their own separate races and abilities, each more frightening than the last. Lepers can travel to the Earthly realm through Monuments, and the Earth governments try their best to cover all evidence of their existence up.

They were first discovered in 1999 by Venter Labs, who created the first dimension travel device, the Venter. Venter Labs mysteriously vanished after the disappearance of their lead scientist, Dr. Lance Fielding. Very few people have actually gotten a hold of these machines and those who have call themselves Travelers. Almost all Travelers seem to be impulsive danger-seekers, since randomized dimension hopping can be very dangerous.



Short Stories

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