The Unnamed Child
Unnamed child by kenichi dapuppy-d6ctcm2
The Unnamed Child, as drawn by Kiro Cloudwatcher

Fear of...

Commitment, Responsibility, Loss of Loved Ones




Wanderers, Nameless

First Appearance

The Vent

The Unnamed Child is the first portrayal of the Fear of Commitment. It usually appears as an innocent little girl; however, to those not under its thrall, its face will appear "wrong," with subtly skewed proportions. Photographs of it show it to be somewhat reptilian in appearance.

It is a shapeshifter that disguises itself as an orphan in order to gain sympathy from its current targets, who take it upon themselves to adopt it. In other stories, it will implant false memories into the victims minds, making them believe that they've always had a child. As time passes, the victims slowly become more obsessed with caring for her, often at the expense of everything else in their lives. Then one day, the child vanishes, leaving victims lost without purpose or hope.

The Unnamed Child has two types of servants. The ones who it left behind and search endlessly for it are called Wanderers. If they are unfortunate enough to find it again, it will whisper something into their ear (rumored to be its true name) and they will become Nameless. All instances of their names will be erased and forgotten, and they will devote their lives to her.

The Child can be a rather jealous Fear; infants and children die in their sleep or shortly after birth when in its presence.

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