The Toybox is the domain of The Merryman.

It can manifest as almost anything, generally something related to entertainment, joy, or amusement. Examples include a ruined carnival within the woods, a movie theater, a stage at a comedy club, a children's indoor playground, or an arcade. Regardless of how the Toybox appears to its victims (and it is commonly believed to appear differently to every victim), there is always a room deep inside the Toybox where the Merryman keeps his “Toys,” humans who have been taken by him to be used as he sees fit to entertain himself. Often, the room is hidden from view at first, and only discovered once the victim realizes they have been trapped, or else it is the only area of the Toybox the victim sees if they have been brought directly there by the Merryman.

The Toybox exists in a sort of pocket dimension where the boundaries loop around to the opposite side of the area, preventing the victim from escaping once inside. The Toybox's façade often changes and becomes more chaotic the longer a victim remains, generally warping in ways that seem to follow no sort of logic whatsoever.

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