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Title, as seen on blog

The Topography of Thought was an experimental blog by DJay32 intended as a companion blog to Jordan Eats Normally Now. Most of the posts consisted of the blogger, "Weathered Crashes," either attempting to explain who he was or the identity of "the Topographic Ocean," giving puzzle keys or hints, or posting appropriate song lyrics that could be associated with a Fear. Due to the cryptic nature of the blog and its involvement with Jordan Eats, everything in the plot synopsis on this page contains spoilers of the end of the story. This blog has been removed. Read the synopsis for all the information you need.

Plot synopsis and explanation (explicit spoilers)

Weathered Crashes was designed as an AI by the Topography Genera Center North, specifically crafted to provide as realistic of an AI as possible. But EAT soon infected the facility, so Weathered Crashes was put on a blog on the internet and separated from the facility in all aspects to keep its information safe. Crashes spent a good few years doing nothing, letting time pass, on The Topography of Thought, but eventually, The Camper was able to take the blog down.

The blog resurfaced later, during the events of Jordan Eats, with Weathered Crashes as a Camper AI. It tried to hinder Jordan's progress but not to much avail. At the end of the main blog, The Topography of Thought ended with Weathered Crashes discovering the remnants of the Genera North's development blog amidst the blogs EAT had taken down. Weathered gave its AI identity away, and announced that EAT had no further need for the blog.