Skinsect 2

Drawn by SoulEatingBunny

The Skinsect, also called The Insect or The Moving Venter, is a major Leper, the Gatekeeper of Fester and the leader of the Crawlers.


The Skinsect has one giant torso and long branch-like legs that come out of the shoulder blades. The torso is very skinny, and it does not seem to have a rib cage. However, it does have a spine running through the center. The torso ends in a tail. There is a head located at the top of the torso, featuring an upside-down smiley face.


The Skinsect has the ability to open portals, or gateways, that allow itself or other Lepers to cross over to other dimensions. It also likes to rotate its head (which can turn 360 degrees) to intimidate its victims.

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