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The Runner Verse is a now defunt multiblog story co-created by Dr0Shadow, PyroGothNerd, and Seadrus. This Verse is curently (for the forseable future) not long active, due to a lack of intrest (or outright displesure with) the current state of the story.

List of Runner Verse stories


Short Stories


The Fears in The Runner Verse have human-like personalities and pay more attention to mortals, making them more comparable to Greek gods than Lovecraftian horrors. It's suggested that they're more democratic than other portrayals, voting on decisions and being very strict about the rules of The Great Game. It has also been seen that the stability of the Fears existence is very unstable, leading to Fears splitting into others, mortals becoming Fears, and shard fragments amalgamating into new Fears. Fears are also know to be stripped of most of their power and imprisoned because they broke the rules, leading them to being what are known as Fallen Fears.

Name Fear(s)/Beings Used First Introduced Description/Interpretation
The Abhorrence The Rake Distance A human given the Rake's powers before it was killed.
The Blitz The Fear of Dying Eye for an eye An amalgamation of The ArchangelIntrusion bugs, and a Dying Man Shard or two.
The Doll Maker The Fallen Fear of Control Eye for an eye The previous Fear of Control, but had his power stolen by The Wooden Girl.
The Last Gift The Fear of Compulsions New Fears are coming Not Avalible
Mister Oculus The Fear of Guilt Eye for an eye Spawned from the punishment of Transgression. He was formerly The Eye, but has gone through a major metacrisis of sorts.
The Pestilence The Fear of Disease Distance The largest shard of The Plague Doctor. Slightly silly.
Sirius The Fear of Guilt Distance
The Slender Man

The Slender Man, The Fear of the Unknown

Distance Basically the vanilla version of Slender Man, but with a smoking habit despite his lack of a mouth.
Transgression The Fallen Fear of Injustice Eye for an eye Main antagonist of the verse. Burned and half blinded by the other fears and wants revenge.

Ideas Introduced






  • The authors sometimes Role play to figure out how their characters will interact, so that they do not misrepresent each other's characters. As a result, some posts are transcriptions of an entire role plays (and take a long time to convert into posts).


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