The Ruined Infirmary
is The Pestilence's domain. It is also a major location in the blog Distance, and similar blogs within The Runner Verse. It appears as a run-down, abandoned hospital.


The Ruined Infirmary was created from the remains of The Crumbling Castle.


Room Desctiption
Maternity Ward The only sanitary room in the building, Pestilence prefers to make sure children born from his servants remain healthy because more humans means more disease spread.
Kitchen Comes with a regularly updated list of what's safe to eat, only small parts of the kitchen are uninfested. Anything on the safe to eat list, miraculously, is completely free of bugs and pathogens, despite an item right next to it being completely bug ridden and rotten.
Dr. Mager's Lab The location where Dr. Mager creates strange creatures from the body parts of other creatures. Also the birthplace of the Platypus.

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