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The Rake
The rake
The Rake





First Appearance

The Rake

A brutal, savage beast... yet, The Rake is at least capable of human speech and is likely quite intelligent. It is theorized, however that the Rake has merely been putting on the "beast" act for a long time, and is far, far more intelligent than it lets on. It is typically described as a humanoid being with canine characteristics, a skinny, boney physic, pale skin, glowing eyes, and long blade-like fingers, which it was named after.

The Free Radical (of Channel Fear) put forth that those who go crazy due to the Rake's whispers are his servants. He calls them Maenads.

Its domain was seen very briefly as a densely wooden area that Steward was taken to after he was kidnapped. It is unknown if this was the same place as the "Wilderness of Whispers" from Once There Was.

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