The Quiet
New Movie (130).Movie Snapshot
The Quiet, as it appears in Pavel Hall: World Zero

Fear of...





The Hushed Monks, The Sine Corda, The Children of Nothing

First Appearance

brighter than a spoon

The first portrayal of the Fear of Nothing, The Quiet claims us all. It manifests as a crack in reality, and has the ability to "erase" anything from existence, even Fears themselves. It is usually depicted as a passive entity, with no real mind of its own. According to the Archive, the Quiet likely came from an alternate reality as a result of that reality being "torn apart" in some way. It passes from universe to universe, and has been sighted in various different worlds. The Archive defines it as the opposite of reality and suspects that the Quiet's growth is responsible for the phenomena of Dimensional Bleeding.

The Quiet sometimes has servants, or at least worshipers, but seems to be unaware of their existence. Despite the Quiet not knowing nor caring about them, it appears to have a cult called the Hushed Monks and certain people whom it has "touched," which one person called the Sine Corda.

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