The Pestilence
The Pestilence

Fear Of...

Sickness, Vermin, Playing God, Dying from Disease


The Ruined Infirmary



First Appearance


The Pestilence is a portrayal of the Fear of Disease from The Runner Verse. He is said to represent the fear of dying from disease, sickness, vermin, and playing god.


Pestilence is very chatty and often has mood swings, switching from talkative and assertive to silent and docile.

He genuinely loves disease to the point he names children after them, such as Influenza and a boy in a wheelchair named Polio.


The Pestilence's appearance is of a figure in a black cloak, wearing a white plague doctor's mask, and a weird hat that looks somewhat like a top hat. The mask’s eye holes are like a skeleton's empty eye sockets, and the cloak and top hat appear to be made of shadows. A long rat tail under the cloak sometimes sticks out, trailing on the ground behind it, barely noticeable.

He can also appear as a large raven wearing a small plague doctor's mask and a cloak made of raven feathers


The Pestilence is able to infect anyone around him with any type of disease, condition, or ability, even fictional ones such as Lycanthropy, SCP-217, and The Legacy Virus. He also has the ability to manipulate reality, making himself look like he’s on somewhat distorted old black and white film, all smudged and murky.



The Pestilence has a few children under his care, whom he uses to spread diseases in schools and playgrounds. He gives them names based on diseases, such as Influenza and Polio.

His right hand man is Dr. Mager.

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