The Path of Chaos is a path that sometimes appears in The Crossroad of Trials as the least appealing option. In order to get around this obstacle, the Path of Chaos causes hallucinations of a distant figure that vaguely looks like a loved one or a stranger in trouble to trick victims into following it. Should they attempt to approach it, the other paths behind them will vanish, and when they double take, the hallucination will vanish as well. It seems to have its own goal apart from the rest of the Crossroad, but no one knows what it is.


The Path of Chaos appears to have it's own distinct consciousness and personality from the rest of paths in the Crossroad of Trials. Unlike the other paths it doesn't merely try to test its victim; instead it will deliberately try to break them mentally and will change itself to reflect their nightmares.

The reason behind this different personality is often left vague, though some stories suggest that it is some sort of parasitical being that has attached itself to the Crossroad.

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