The Page is the domain of The Tale Weaver and the former domain of The Daniel-Verse interpretation of The Marchen before its death. Its surroundings and overall appearance constantly changes depending on how people perceive it due to it's ethereal, fictional presence. The only thing that remains consistent is the ground, which appears as a white page with nothing but black words. It is hard to tell where the words and phrases end and the broken shattered world begins, where the jumbles of ideas, plot points, and tropes pop out and start flying.

Unless the holder of the Page specifically assists the person in the Page from perceiving their surroundings, depending on the person's perception, it can vary from an endless landscape of chivalry to a partially-broken world inhabited by word jumbles. While the Page is said to be endless, it breaks apart and is perceived as larger or smaller depending on the person looking at it. The Tale Weaver sees the part he inhabits as a large, endless kingdom -- sometimes a ruin, sometimes a battlefield, sometimes a series of empty castles and huts.

Unlike other Demi-Gods, the Tale Weaver didn't take his domain by force. Instead he became its rightful ruler when The Game Master gave him the powers of the Marchen. As such, the Marchen's former servants, The Words, see the Tale Weaver as a worthy successor and serve him willingly by maintaining order on the Page.

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