The Overseer (Real Name: Wallace Belli) is a man in his late fifties who runs thirteen facilities known as Eden Facilities and manages the Eden group. He also works as a psychiatrist as part of maintaining a cover identity. He is a character from the Shattered Psyche Verse series of blogs and runs the blog known as The East's Eden.

Overseer was once targeted in his early twenties by The Unnamed Child and became one of the Wanderers. This changed when he came into contact with Slender Man and The Wooden Girl. He was chosen to manage an upcoming segment of The Great Game where he would "oversee" the lives of four specific children and their friends.

He would use everything at his disposal to manage their lives in an attempt to control their "destiny." He accepted and at this point became The Overseer, a Willing Doll. Despite his status, he often tries to make himself sound above that level; calling himself chosen instead. He frequently attempts to justify his actions to others as a necessary sacrifice for long-term safety, suggesting that working with The Fears is the best choice for survival.

Because the targets of Project Destiny are avid Gamers, Overseer was made to take on traits similar to fictional characters to have more of an effect. Because of this he frequently quotes characters such as Dr. Breen of the Half-Life series or Holland Manners of Angel. Whether he seems to realize he is doing this or not is unknown.

He currently uses Eden Facility Two located in New York as his home base and from there keeps an eye on Adam Grayson acting as his psychiatrist to keep control over the project. He also seems to treat Aura with a high level of care; an almost fatherly level of care.

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