The Musicians
The Musicians, drawn by 4mbrose

Fear Of...



The Valley of Song



The Musicians are a portrayal of the Fear of Miscommunication as seen in the Rapture Cycle. They manifest as either grey figures one can't focus on, or as two musicians dressed as The Blues Brothers. The latter manifestation is always blurry to the naked eye. The Musicians work by twisting and obfuscating a victim's perception of sight and sound.

The Musicians are the modern manifestation of Seppo Ilmarinen, also known as Ptah, Phanes, and Sbomten. They are said to have created what we know of as reality, forging stars and dust, remaining passive to any accidental inhabitants. The Musicians appear as multiple entities, though the actual details of how the entities work and whether each one is individual or just an obfuscation of one mind is unconfirmed. The Cockroach Metamorphosis suggests that there are at least two individual personalities; Seppo Ilmarinen, a reserved Musician who wants to create new life so he leaves the Earth behind to forge the Sampo, and Grimaldi, a heavy drinker and more emotional Musician who manipulates feeling. Grimaldi has become fiercer due to his brothers departure.

The protagonists gained their attention by defeating The God Machine. The Musicians spent Act II attempting to hinder their progress with obfuscations until Jordan appealed to their mercy in the Valley of Song. Act III saw The Musicians trying to help to varying effects, and in Act IV they were often discouraged by higher powers such as The Lamb and The Beast.


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