The Multiworld Resort is an interdimensional casino hotel owned by the crime boss known as Karma. As the name implies, it exists in nearly every single universe in the multiverse simultaneously and is open to a wide variety of otherworldly creatures. While the resort itself is located somewhere on Earth, its interior is actually a pocket dimension with over two hundred floors. It is not known exactly how Karma obtained the resort, but it has been heavily implied that it was given to him as part of a deal he made with Jack of All sometime in the 1970's. A Perception Filter has been placed on the exterior to persuade normal humans to completely ignore its existence. 

Notable Locations

  • The Wanderer's Paradise is a bar run by its sole bartender, Sir Rupert Underwood. In addition to alcohol, the bar also sells beverages that are lethal or otherwise harmful to humans but are perfectly fine for other life forms. Bar brawls frequently occur here due to the clashing cultures of the species who visit it, but it is always miraculously repaired in a matter of minutes thanks to the large workforce of robotic janitors.
  • The Whilton Graveyard is the nickname given to the 41st floor of the Multiworld Resort, which is haunted by a group of Poltergeists that will attack any living creature they encounter. They are the tortured souls of the Whilton's, a family of four that were kidnapped and brutally murdered by a group of cultists as part of a ritual dedicated to The Smiling Man. Access to the Whilton Graveyard is strictly forbidden to guests, as any creature killed by the Whilton's will become Poltergeists as well and will haunt the 41st floor alongside them.


  • The Quiescent is a humanoid creature whose body is composed entirely out of a bright magma covered by dark red rocks. Very little is known about its background aside from the fact that it's the only surviving member of the Cherufe, a group of fire elementals from Bloody Hell that were wiped out by the Daemon Empire. It is capable of controlling its body temperature to prevent itself from melting everything it touches, but there are times where it becomes agitated and loses control, leading to the destruction of property and the endangerment of lives. It is the current manager of the resort and the right hand man of Karma, whom it has loyally served for several decades.
  • Sir Rupert Underwood is a retired British explorer from the Victorian era who extended his life span through the artifacts he recovered during his adventures. Karma hired him in 1984 as the head of security after they met one another during a safari in Africa. After working at the resort for nearly fifty years, Underwood was replaced by his adopted son Aleister when it was mistakenly believed that he was developing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. He currently works as the bartender of The Wanderer's Paradise, where he sometimes provides weary travelers with helpful advice.
  • Aleister is a Daemon who was discovered in the basement of the resort as an infant. Underwood took pity on the child and decided to adopt him. Aleister would eventually replace his legal guardian as the head of security in 2059. He is a muscular, ten foot tall humanoid with the wings of a raven protruding out from his shoulders. He has large pupil-less red eyes, extremely sharp claws on both hands, unnaturally pale skin, a Glasgow smile, and long black hair.


  • Every single door in the resort is marked with the Ouroboros symbol, which is believed to be Karma's method of preventing guests and employees from accidentally entering one of The Empty City's Doors.

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