The Morsus Rabbit
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The Morsus Rabbit, as drawn by Zodiac killer

Fear of...






First Appearance

The Morsus Rabbit is a portrayal of the Fear of Anger. It is a hivemind of vengeful spirits that merged into a single being in order to punish people who wronged them during their lives. However, as time went by it steadily became more malevolent as the souls lost their former memories and individuality. They slowly became incapable of differentiating between their prey and innocents, which caused them to hunt random individuals. The Rabbit ultimately began to believe that humanity deserved to be purged from the planet out of jealousy for their prosperity.

In most stories, the Morsus Rabbit is not a member of a pantheon and refuses to make alliances with other entities. This makes it a scavenger of sorts, feeding off the fallout of stronger beings by letting others do most of the work and swooping in for the rewards. Like many other weaker beings, the Rabbit was not satisfied with this type of lifestyle and wants to amass more power, mainly by "consuming" the souls of its victims, thereby adding them to its ever expanding collective.

The Morsus Rabbit gained its odd name from the peculiar mutations its host bodies undergo after six to eight weeks. This includes blackened teeth whose condition varies from pointed to blunted to cracked, skeletal, silver claws, digitigraded legs, toenails that end in sharp points or dull nubs, and tumorous growths on the head that resemble ears. The most notable detail however is its eyes, which are black spheres that reflect a thousand different faces, contorted and screaming silently.

It doesn't possess a proper domain, and instead haunts forests, graveyards, abandoned buildings or back alleys.

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