The Mame is a mysterious female Proxy of The Slender Man. No one knows her real name, and she's used so many aliases and back-stories even she may have forgotten her past before she began serving her "Father". So far very few people have connected this beautiful woman with an uncanny resemblance to Rita Hayworth to the masked killer Mame. Unless they do make the connection, most people have no idea at all that she's a Proxy.

She usually operates as a honey trap, seducing targets for vital information or to set them up for someone else to kill - or even to try and recruit a Runner to her side. She's also not above slipping her target a kiss if it will serve her purposes. When she needs to kill someone herself her preferred weapon is a garrote. When planning to kill, the Mame puts on her mask and brings along the "la loupe" style garrote utilized by the French Foreign Legion. However, when in civilian garb, she always wears a silk scarf or some other clothing that can be used as an improvised garrote in a pinch. She has also been known to develop an inexplicable fondness for the occasional Runner in which case she has been known to aid them, even against other proxies as well as servants of other Fears. In most cases, she does this to set them up to make her future betrayal even more emotionally damaging.


The only supernatural ability Mame has is access to the Path of Black Leaves, which is a common ability for Slenderproxies. She has also shown skill in Krav Maga.


  • Her name comes from the song "Put the Blame on Mame" written for the 1946 film "Gilda" which just so happens to be pronounced as "maim" and is sung by Rita Hayworth's character.

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