The Lord of Chains

Fear Of...

Imprisonment, Opression




The Sentinels

First Appearance

Chain of Command

The Lord of Chains is a portrayal of The Fear of Control. He represents the fear of imprisonment, being ruled by someone with ill intent, and not being able to be in control of your life but still being completely aware of the oppression. He made his debut appearance in the blog Chain of Command, where he gained complete dominance over a small Midwest town called Adrianne. He subjected its inhabitants to soul crushing labor and punished them severely for any disobedient behavior.

He appears as an old, battered man, who is so starved his rib-cage is clearly visible. His arms are clasped in ball and chains, and his lower body is wrapped in hundreds of thousands of chains. The Lord of Chains can use the ball and chains to move around. However, it turns out it is nothing but chains from the waist down, sometimes a few, sometimes many depending on its level of oppression. It has other chains with clamps on the ends that it can use as extensions of its body.

His servants are a group of people of large political or social influence whom it has touched, known as the Sentinels. They can also be generals, CIA agents, police officers, and other people of power. Their minds are now set on finding ways to restrict the populace's rights as tribute to the Lord of Chains.

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