Not much is known about the man known as The Lawyer, except that he one of Mister Oculus' Gavels. He is very good at his job and has an eye tattoo on his hand (which is actually a manifestation of Mister Oculus). He was introduced in Eye for an eye, where he defended Iris Dogood after she was framed by Transgression.


Zach revealed that The Lawyer is actually from the 1920's, as Gavels stop aging once they begin to work for Mister Oculus. He was the first Gavel, and convinced Mister Oculus (simply The Eye at the time) to have servants in the first place. It is implied he is a very good lawyer, as he was able to help Iris Dogood out of a tough situation and later got himself out of a tough case.

Like most Gavels, he no longer remembers his real name, and goes by aliases instead.


He is an honest lawyer, who wished to serve Mister Oculus so he could be capable of telling the innocent from the guilty. He is very loyal to Mister Oculus, and believes in defending justice in any way he can.

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