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The Last Gift
The Last Gift, as drawn by alliterator

Fear of...

Sin, Disobedience, Temptation, Consequences


The Pantheon of Horror



First Appearance

Work and Days

The Last Gift is a portrayal of the Fear of Temptation. It appears to represent sin, the temptation to sin, disobedience and consequences. It typically manifests as a large ancient Grecian Urn, a similar jar, or a box. The items inside may appear as any number of things -- some claim it's a spider-like creature, some claim it's a cat-like thing. Whatever is inside may change depending on who opens it and why. The Last Gift has a mesmerizing effect that tempts other beings into opening it. If the hatch is opened, either by an outside force, or by its own accord, it may produce a supernatural creature, usually as an extension to act out its will through. It is unknown how or why it is able to create these monsters.

Its domain is the Pantheon of Horror.

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