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The Ivory Woman
Ivory Woman Kiro-DaPuppy
The Ivory Woman, as drawn by Kiro Cloudwatcher

Fear of...

Unpredictability, Uncertainty





First Appearance

The Street Artist

The Ivory Woman is a portrayal of the Fear of the Unknown, representing unpredictability and uncertainty. In most stories, it is depicted as a chalk drawing of a woman, usually on a two-dimensional surface. However, upon a closer examination, you will notice that it's not drawn with chalk or with anything at all -- it is in fact, a window into a white void. The Ivory Woman has sometimes been associated with The Quiet because of this. It is often portrayed as a harbinger of disaster, as an appearance by the Ivory Woman will inevitably result in multiple dangerous "freak" accidents seemingly directed towards specific targets. These disasters are sometimes preceded by the appearance of a butterfly or a group of white butterflies shown in the wake of numerous misfortunes that the Ivory Woman has caused.