The Islandverse is a setting used and created by Arcane Spork for some of their blogs. So far, it has been used in only one blog: Carnival Island.

The Islandverse is an archipelago world: It is a collection of islands, each ruled by or terrorized by a different Fear


Here is the list of Islandverse blogs, in chronological order:


Carnival Island is a large island that is ruled by The Grotesque.

Gretel Island is a large island that is ruled by The Unnamed Child.

Hansel Island was a large island near Gretel Island that was ruled by The Cold Boy, before it sunk.

Bodega Island is a medium-sized island that is ruled by The Convocation.

Algernon's Island is a medium-sized island that is covered with The Algernon Forest.

The Quadripartite Island is a medium-sized island that is split into four quadrants, each one ruled by a member of The Answer.

The Black Island is a small island that is ruled by The Black Dog.

Matryoshka Island is a very small island that is ruled by The Wooden Girl, Babushka.

The Phantom Island is an island of unknown size that acts as the Islandverse's version of The Empty City. Unlike the other islands, its very existence is uncertain, as its location and appearance are constantly shifting. 

Other Phenomena Of Note

The Red Jungle is a jungle that appears on several islands. It is ruled by The Red Cap.

The Pirate is an interpretation of The Rake that appears in The Islandverse.

The Merchant is an interpretation of Jack of All that appears in The Islandverse.

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