The Intrusion
Hive by cat nip vampire-d5brt2o
The Intrusion, as drawn by Amelia Norvell

Fear of...

Insects, Swarms and Hives, Arthropods, Being Invaded Inside


The Hive



First Appearance

A Tangled Web

The Intrusion is a portrayal of The Fear of Nature that represents insect swarms and being invaded inside.

Its most common interpretation is from The Great Game Verse, where it was portrayed as a hive mind composed of many different arthropods that uses these bodies to reproduce. To this end it usually targets a human to use as a host for the process. The hives bore through the skin and crawl into every orifice on the victim, where it then lays its eggs. This normally causes the victim to become sick and sometimes delusional. After a few days, the eggs hatch, and the new bodies of the Intrusion eat the victim from inside. Any harm done to the individual bodies of the Intrusion will only serve to agitate it.

The Intrusion's servants are known as the Drones.

Its domain known as The Hive.

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