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The House of Fortune
The House of Fortune, as made by Stattaco

Fear of...

Chance, Probability





First Appearance

A Match in the Cellar

The House of Fortune is a member of The Answer representing the fear of chance and probability. It plays games of chance with people and usually works in the realm of probability. When it looks for a new target, it stages a series of games of chance in which the loser will becomes its next victim.

It usually appears as a human strapped to the center of a great wheel by harnesses. The human is actually a previous victim whose eyes have been replaced with dice as well as other modifications. Instead of the ends of the wheel being red and black, they show every single choice the person looking at her could make at that exact moment. Any person looking at the wheel must avoid looking at the ends, simply to avoid having to see the thousands of choices they could possibly make.

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