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The History of Normal is a Fearblog by YpsiFang about a person of the same name. It is set in the Nomadic Verse known as the Order Verse. Its primary antagonists are the Archangel and the Dead Sea. It can be read here.


YpsiFang starts his blog to talk an odd journal. He records some of the stories, which are about the Fears, to his blog. Later, he begins having strange dreams about the Archangel whipping seemingly-peaceful villagers into a frenzy. Eventually, he goes to the local pond again, and says that he was very tempted to take a dip. In a later post, YpsiFang mentions that the dreams are changing, with an unseen person now drowning him in the village well at the end of each dream. Later, he has a dream that he finally saw the person drowning him. She is a woman dressed in blue, and tells him, "let me in." He eventually complies, causing him to become depressed and to state he is dying.

The next two posts are spent discussing water and creation myths. In the next post, YpsiFang tells of an encounter with "The LORD" and "Lucifer Morningstar": The LORD appeared to him in the form of a man wearing an animal skull with wings made of light and shadow before summoning Lucifer, who left as well, presumably called elsewhere.

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