The Fury is a character in The Daniel-Verse. He is described by Martyr Beta as the Archive's ultimate weapon.


The Fury has the appearance of a young man covered entirely in bandages, though some of the bandages on his left forearm fell off after his fight with Enhanced Daniel. He's about 5'8" with and athletic build, and the skin beneath his bandages is pale.

In phase 2, his outfit receives an upgrade. Though he continues to wear bandages, he now wears a pair of leather pants, a tactical military belt, and gloves and shoes. He carries a quiver over one shoulder that contains six long, thin swords. He has also taken to carrying a cell phone, so he can communicate with people via text, although how he gets peoples numbers is unknown.


Little is known about the Fury's personality, and he never seems to speak. Instead, he communicates by using his telekinesis to carve messages into nearby surfaces. He serves as some kind of bounty hunter for the Archive, and doesn't seem to mind killing people, whether or not he's ordered to.


The Fury possesses a number of powers making him one of the deadliest non-Fear beings in the Daniel-Verse.

  • Overwhelming Eldritch Energy: The Fury's Eldritch power is close to the same level as the Fears. His power is strong enough to paralyze people with fear. He can manipulate his power, using it as an extension of his body, allowing him to move objects from a distance and project barriers.
  • Possible Invincibilty: He seems to be invincible, allowing him to block bullets and sword attacks with his hands. Although, if he is invincible, than his reasons for even bothering to block attacks are unknown, although O'Zalia theorizes that he's protecting his bandages so that his face remains hidden.
  • Enhanced Strength: The Fury is strong enough to fight against a perfect Enhanced, and win. He has even displayed the capability to pierce through peoples chests with his fingertips.
  • Enhanced Senses: The Fury is able to perceive his surroundings, despite the fact that his eyes are covered by bandages.
  • Vision Distortion: The Fury's aura can disrupt the vision of Scions, preventing them from seeing through his bandages.
  • Access to the Godsway: The Fury can enter and exit the Godsway seemingly unharmed, and can drag other people through with him, though they are less likely to survive.
  • Levitation/Weightlessness: The Fury can levitate, or at least slow his decent speed, possibly by making himself weightless.


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