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It started with the Slender Man, but then there were others. So many others. They lurk in the woods, in the street, outside your window, beside your bed. They fill us with terror and panic and dread. They have many names, but the one we know them by is Fears.

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The Fear Mythos is a collection of stories, similar to the Cthulhu Mythos, with a pantheon of eldritch abominations. These abominations are based on mankind's most primal fears, like the fear of the unknown.

The Fear Mythos includes blogs, audio plays, vlogs, and creepypasta. Find out more by reading our series bible.

Newcomers should also check out The Rules and the Beginner's Guide to the Mythos.

See: List of blogs, list of vlogs, list of games, list of roleplaying sites, list of verses.


The Constant Wanderer is the archetypal Fear of Stagnation, representing repetition, routines, and leading a meaningless existence.

In Convention of the 24 , The Constant Wanderer came about eons ago after a pact between the Fears and an unnamed group of entities. This pact allowed at least one human being to travel through their domains unscathed. However the pact never said that they had to let it leave and in order to prevent it from escaping, the last Fear it visits during each cycle (usually The Wooden Girl) would always kill it. The Archangel would then resurrect The Constant Wanderer while also removing the memories of the last cycle. Read more...


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