The Empty City
The Empty City, as made by Staccato

Fear of...

Being Lost





First Appearance

"Newspaper Clipping"

The Empty City, or simply referred to as The City, is the first portrayal of the Fear of Disorientation. It appears as a sentient city devoid of any life that continuously shifts its shape and structure to keep victims lost forever. Once it has grown tired of playing with its prey, the Empty City will allow them to die and "consume" what's left. It is a domain unto itself and can be entered through one of its many randomly-spawning Doors.

It first appeared in The Great Game Verse, where it acted as a neutral meeting place for the Fears and their minions. Fears can "Mark" their servants in order to allow them to use the Empty City as passage. If a servant interferes with one of its victims, then they will anger the City and lose their patron's protection, becoming trapped forever. It is possible, but rare, for Fears to negotiate the release of one of their servants.

Some stories have The Nightlanders as former victims of the Empty City that escaped as shadows of their former selves. Outside of this possibility, the Empty City has no servants.

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