The Devourer is a high-ranking Leper and the master of the Harvester, Gluttonus, and Bloodleech type Leper.


The Devourer has a mosquito body with an upside down smiley face. It has six legs and sharp claws on each foot. It also has a long, needle-like nose, which it uses to take blood and bodily fluids. It stores these fluids in a translucent sac on its stomach, which also glows colors to show The Devourer's emotions - red is angry, blue is sad, green is sick, etc.


The Devourer can absorb the blood of other Lepers or humans, which, depending on the essence of the blood, causes it to grow stronger. It can also grow two large blades on its two front feet when in rage mode. It can also release the bile from the translucent sac, which is highly acidic.

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