The Deck of 54 are the closest servants of The Game Master, who live with him on The Board. Individually referred to as Cards, they were once humans, but were given powers by the Game Master. They are all capable of teleportation and wear masks that can view virtually anything on the internet. Their masks can also pull up data on any human they encounter and can transform into a shield.


The Deck is divided into 5 groups:

  • The Spades: Thirteen men who serve as soldiers in the Game Master's tournament. They are flawless fighters and their masks display the symbol of the spade.
  • The Hearts: Thirteen women who serve as medics. They all possess the ability to magically heal people, which they combine with ordinary medical methods. Their masks display the symbol of the heart.
  • The Clubs: Thirteen men who run the shops all over the Board. Their masks display the symbol of the club.
  • The Diamonds: Thirteen women who act as the ground keepers of the Board. Their masks display the symbol of the diamond.
  • The Jokers: Act as the the Game Master's personal guards. There are two of them; a man whose mask is black with a white question mark, and a woman whose mask is black with a backwards red question mark. They each wield a deck of magical tarot-like cards.

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