The Convergence is an open source verse created by AC11 and Sordin.


No one knows what caused it exactly, but something happened that changed the very nature of the Fears. It turned them into savage beasts that only acted on the principle they represented (e.g., The Dying Man would only inflict death instead of worrying about the other shards) and moreover, they would forget about The Great Game. All the Fears would start attacking each other once they get bored with humans, severely damaging the veil that protected the rest of the multiverse from suffering a similar fate as their universe. This allowed the Savage Fears to escape their apocalyptic world and become drifters. But once in a while, they gained access to another reality. Seeing people, they reverted back to their usual behaviors, much to the horror of that reality's Fears. The reverse can also happen, with some people or Fears ending up on the dystopian wasteland the Savage Fears left behind.

The Savage Fears are not the only things to be concerned about however...

  • The Gilgamesh, or The Golden Emperor, an eldritch being with a severe god-complex who rules over the few remaining human settlements left standing in the dystopia abandoned by the Savage Fears.
  • The Tassiturn, a watcher and vigil present in every reality.
  • Bellum, a mysterious creature who may be related to what created the Savage Fears.


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