The Chaos Verse is a Nomadic Verse created by WonderPsycho where Rezak, the Fear of Chaos, reigns supreme and only the SMSC and the Slender Man are trying to stop him. Rezak couldn't do this alone, so he created beings called Disasters. Dimensional Bleeding caused by Rezak and Azgelia is frequent. Its wiki can be found here (albeit outdated).

Characters and Organizations

  • The Archangel: A former ally of Rezak. 
  • Azgelia: A being that causes much Dimensional Bleeding. She was created by Rezak to cause even more chaos in the universe. She appears as a black figure that can walk on ceilings, among other abilities. 
  • Disasters: The servants of Rezak, who have his abilities. They wear white hoodies and light replaces their faces.  
  • KageKao: A Japanese demon. 
  • The Order Of Chaos: A cult that worships Rezak. They believe that once he finishes causing chaos, he will change the world in his image. 
  • The Order Of The Woods: A cult that worships the Slender Man, believing that he will change the universe into a safe zone for Proxies and servants of the Slender Man.
  • Poe: A Runner hunted by the Convocation and who has encountered several others Fears as well. He writes Once Upon a Midnight Dreary to chronicle his life as a Runner and hopefully provide assistance to those in similar situations.
  • The Quiet: A constantly-expanding void. 
  • Rezak: A being who discovered the planet Earth and started creating chaos for his amusement. This includes creating pocket dimensions, duplicate universes, and many beings and characters. His enemies are The Slender Man, the SMSC, and Proxies. He appears as a bright light. 
  • The Slender Man: A major god that protects the universe from Rezak. 
  • The SMSC: The only known enemy of The Slender Man, aside from Rezak. 
  • The Spider: An odd human hybrid and the main god. Its body looks like a human with many arms and legs, and pitch-black eyes. In the night, it appears as a green bright light. Its domain is The Spider's Tree.
  • The Timberwolves: In this verse, the Timberwolves originated from the Order Of Chaos. The Archangel was once allies with Rezak, but an unknown event caused their alliance to shatter.
  • Zalgo is a demigod in this verse. He was created by Rezak as an ally. When he was created, he started corrupting the Disasters. Rezak tried to stop him, but Zalgo escaped. 



The Chaos Verse

Artist: YpsiFang

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