The Burning Bride
The Burning Bride, as drawn by THEARTIST

Fear of...

Fire, Anger, Causing Danger to Oneself or Others


Our Lady of the Immaculate Conflagration



First Appearance

"A Lesson"

The Burning Bride is a portrayal of the Fear of Anger, of uncontrollable fire, of danger unheeded, and of unknowingly causing harm to yourself and the ones you love. She is often written as a woman in a bridal dress encased in flames with a veil made of smoke. She has also been described as a woman made of flames or fireflies in the night sky. The flames dance around her (or perhaps she dances around the flames) and sometimes she will give a gift of burning anger, quiet rage.

She is connected to The Brute. In some stories, they are the same Fear split in two. While the Brute is always surrounded by smoke, the Burning Bride always appears with fire.

The Burning Bride's domain has been referred to as Our Lady of the Immaculate Conflagration, which is usually a burned out husk of a church.

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