The Bottler is an ancient and terrifying being that represents the fear that we all have of bottles... Don't even pretend that you aren't afraid of them. They're so damn mysterious! You can't even tell what is inside of them, you don't know! Unless they are like a see through bottle, but they are still damn terrifying!

Now you might be asking to yourself: "What does it look like?" It looks like a bottle, weren't you listening?

Once The Bottler sets its lusterous eyes upon you, you'll begin to notice how bottles are a lot harder to open all of a sudden, you'll begin getting very aggrivated at this, but eventually you'll just give up. At this point hobos will start attacking you with bottles! Once you finally fall, you'll wake up to find that you are also a bottle!

It servants are usually random hobos, though there are rumors that one of its most deadly followers of The Bottler has infiltrated the Fear Mythos community to spread his master's will.

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