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The Bleeding Tree
Poster by Staccato.


The Path of Black Leaves



First Appearance

The Last Refuge of a Dangerous Man

The Bleeding Tree appears to be a tree with black leaves, like many others within The Path of Black Leaves. However, it also has several distinguishing features, including a large human-like face growing on its trunk, corpses hanging from its limbs and a red liquid resembling blood leaking from it. It is unknown whether the Tree is a Fear itself or if it's merely an extension of the Slender Man hidden deep within the Path. What is known, is that its apparently sentient and extremely malevolent as displayed by the telepathic hallucinations it gave Konaa from Something to Leave Behind when he attempted to fight it. It has also been known to "infect" its victims, resulting in the Tree slowly growing inside them until they're violently torn apart.