The Bird of Hermes Initiative is a paramilitary organization charged with protecting the world from any occult, paranormal and supernatural threats. Unlike most of its rival agencies, the Initiative maintains the services of several supernatural persons to combat beings that threaten mankind, including Walter Emmerich and Mr. Mite.


Project Prometheus

The Initiative's stance on defense rather than offensive measures changed drastically after the death of director Fredrick Boivin from lung cancer in 1907. Under the new leadership of Thomas Campbell, the organization would focus primarily on the weaponization of supernatural phenomena. One of the most infamous programs devised for this endeavor was Project Prometheus, a highly classified project that aimed to reverse engineer advanced technology obtained during a massive raid on the abandoned temples strewn throughout The Ancient Realm.

The most successful attempt at utilizing this technology was achieved by Walter Emmerich, who discovered the secrets behind the Fair Folk's genetic experiments. Believing this was a divine sign that mankind was destined to replace the Fears as the dominant species of the universe, Campbell ordered MacGrath to use this knowledge to create "enhanced soldiers." Most of the test subjects were death row inmates who either died from exposure to harmful radiation or were transformed into unstable monsters. Project Prometheus was kept secret from everyone aside from Campbell's closest allies due to its illegal practices and was always on the verge of being exposed to the higher ups. Campbell frequently used intimidate and bribery to ensure the project's survival, but even he knew it would inevitably implode in on itself. By the late 1910's, many of the more prominent scientists that oversaw the project were plotting to rat out Campbell to obtain amnesty before they could be held accountable for their crimes.

At some point during 1928, the FACTS learned about Project Prometheus' existence and decided to put an end to it by individually attacking the military bases where the experiments were being held. This resulted in the deaths of over five hundred people and a majority of the test subjects escaping during the outbreak. Realizing the consequences of their actions, the surviving members revived the Bird of Hermes Initiative with a new objective: recapture or eliminate the entities Project Prometheus created. Campbell defected before he could be arrested for crimes against humanity, though it's rumored he created a new organization to further his own twisted goals.


  • The Bird of Hermes is a reference to The Ripley Scroll, an important piece of 15th century poetry associated with alchemy that references the philosophers' stone through symbolism.

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