The Archive is an organization dedicated to "the collection of data concerning the Phobic Representational Entities," or P.R.E.s. It is staffed by servants of The Blind Man, whom they refer to as "Grandfather."


Only those who the Blind Man has taken their childhood from are allowed to join the Archive. There are several ranks of Archivists, each of which carries out specific tasks. Their title comes from their class, and a Greek letter to indicate their position within said class.

  • Analysts: Analysts analyze data from Collectors and conduct experiments.
  • Brokers: Brokers sell information to wealthy clients, providing the funds used to keep the Archive running.
  • Collectors: Collectors are normal field agents. They observe and collect data, and on occasion locate potential recruits.
  • Inquisitors: Inquisitors act as Internal Affairs agents. They investigate corruption in the organization and maintain the Sphere, a large underground facility that acts as the Archive's prison.
  • Keepers: Keepers are the Archive's security officers. They ensure that the Archive's bases remain hidden and that all files are secure.
  • Martyrs: Martyrs are the soldier class. Rarely deployed, their job entails hunting down rogue agents and eliminating external threats to the Archive.
  • Scribes: Scribes record data and make sure that information is up-to-date.
  • Gifted: The Gifted are those that the Blind Man has "chosen," specifically to receive new memories. As such, the Archive holds them in high regard, and the opinions of a Gifted carry much weight.


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