The Angelic Stele is the first serious blog written by Seadrus. The blog is about an archangel named Seaderus, who is forced to kill the Shrouded City in order to appease the All-Seeing Eye.

It can be found here


The blog follows the format of a guide, with each story called "slates." Information posts are referred to as "steles." There are also picture posts that are called "statuas."


Part 1

The blog starts out with Seaderus returning to his house, when odd black arrows take him in the side. Then a flock of birds burst into his house, then disintegrate. The powder created from the birds destroys most of his house, and Seaderus is knocked out.

Part 2

Seaderus wakes up bound, and The Eye (going by Totus Vidit Unam) is threatens his life unless Seaderus helps him with a problem of his.

He sets off to kill the Shrouded City for Totus Vidit Unam. As he walks towards a mass, he is blinded, and knocked out; later, waking up on a 'bed', and meets Quod Gracili. Seaderus is knocked out again by two Proxies and it is revealed the the 'enemy' that the Eye threatened Seaderus to kill is Slender Man, who is found saying, "I will finally be able to remove the insolent eyes from this world."

Seaderus wakes up, clad in strange clothing, and remembers the year is 1903. A screen in the room tells him he will 'wake up again' in an even worse time period than the one he is at the moment. The post ends with Seaderus stating to the readers that 'he' is coming and he has to leave.

He wakes up again, in a burning field. He sees figures, which speak to him, revealing their name to be Ustalantus. He promises Seaderus he can bring his father back from the grave, for a price: Protecting a friend of his.

Fear Appearances

It is hinted that the Fears' names are 'code names' which Seaderus uses to not invoke their true presence.


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