The Somniverse is a fictional universe created by and named after The Somnambulist.


The Amalgam Saga

Saved Universe One

Saved Universe Two


Fear Portrayals

The Fears were created by Jack of All to be a more active force to enact his plans so he could, for the most part, lay back and enjoy. Each one was created from twisted mortal desires (e.g. a man wanted to see his dead lover again so Jack transformed him into The Archangel). Despite only being created recently, with some being "born" as early as 2011, they were made to have existed retroactively since the dawn of time. They fear Jack because they know him as their creator and a being above thems, but they fear nothing else. They serve him somewhat unwillingly and their own desires and decisions work far better than any commands Jack could ever give them.

To ensure his game wouldn't be unwinnable, Jack secretly gave The Fears multiple weaknesses that would allow humans to kill them. In the unlikely event that someone succeeded in doing so, he would simply create another collection of monsters to replace the Fears, effectively restarting the cycle of suffering. It isn't known how many cycles there have been or if the Fears were even created during the first cycle, but it hardly matters either way.

Aside from their backstory, most of the Fears are exactly like their original interpretations with a few exceptions:

  • The Glitch is an ancient, supremely powerful entity that supposedly existed within the primordial void that predated the creation of the universe via the Big Bang. As the physical embodiment of chaos and entropy, the Glitch is a destructive force whose very presence is detrimental to the inner workings of the multiverse. Whichever world it currently inhabits will slowly fall apart, causing the laws of physics to break down along with many other disastrous consequences. It is also the source of The Quiet, which it created to accelerate this process. The Glitch recently resurfaced in Save Universe Two, where it began experimenting on the Fears of that reality to transform them into superior beings without the weaknesses Jack imposed on them. It is considered to be the fourth, unofficial member of the trinity of godlike beings that Jack once described.
  • The Unnamed Child is not a Fear in the Somniverse and almost everything about her is nothing more than an elaborate disguise. Her true identity is Unikeia, the Ne Timu of Loyalty and their leader. She successfully avoided being banished like the rest of her allies by using her powers to trick the Fears into thinking she was always one of them under the persona of the Unnamed Child, allowing her to join their ranks. So far Unikeia has only revealed her true nature in Saved Universe One, as it is the only reality where the Ne Timu have been able to return to Earth after the Fears lost their powers at the end of No Gods No Masters.
  • The Brute is a completely mindless animal for the most part and has no visible goals outside of destroying everything. His level of strength is based entirely on the power of his opponents -- whenever an opponent attempts to fight The Brute, his power is immediately multiplied, making him automatically more powerful than his enemy the moment the fight begins. It was later revealed in Cresting the Wave that the Brute was originally used by The Fears as a weapon against their enemies. However, they slowly forgot how to control the Brute after it went dormant countless millennium ago and believed that destroying it was the only viable solution towards stopping it. In the universe seen in The Brute's Servant, this course of action lead to the Brute becoming virtually unstoppable and the eradication of all life on planet Earth. Another important detail to note is that The Burning Bride doesn't exist in The Somniverse, which means The Brute is a single entity.
  • The Blind Man is a time traveler and is responsible for the retroactive appearances of Fears in history.
  • The Slender Man is a self contained pseudo-universe.

The Trinity

  • Jack of All is the entity that created The Fears, The Ne Timu, The Amalgam, and every other cosmic horror in the multiverse. He represents suffering and is considered the closest thing to a real world counterpart to "The Devil" or "Satan". According to him, there are only two other beings that rival him in terms of power.
  • The Man in Gray is one of the two extremely powerful entities that Jack described and the closest real world equivalent of "The Grim Reaper" or "Death". He represents order and fate intertwined and is usually neutral.
  • An unnamed entity who represents hope and happiness. It is generally passively reactive, so much so that Jack considers its existence to be completely inconsequential and believes that any of its few attempts to thwart his own designs are ultimately harmless. In fact, he believes that even without his intervention, all of the entity's attempts have been twisted to serve his own designs. At some point in the distant past it decided to split itself into multiple pieces throughout the multiverse in order to hide from Jack out of fear. Each shard also had their memories of godhood erased on a conscious level to make it harder for Jack to find them. Although it was still capable of subconsciously using its powers to make subtle changes that hindered Jack, none of the shards could knowingly do this and stay hidden without a catalyst that existed in multiple worlds. It was later revealed that Portnoy Augustus was one of these shards. This entity bears many similarities to the deity described in the Abrahamic religions, which has led to multiple characters nicknaming it "God."


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