The Afflicted are beings that The Fears and other supernatural creatures have corrupted into monsters, either mistakenly or purposefully. These creatures were once human beings, and quite often retain a good deal of their human intellect and emotions even if they exhibit monstrous behavior. The alterations are different for each person and cause the person to become a humanoid abomination, sometimes causing their humanity to be removed in the process. As such, they are much stronger than a human being is, and much more dangerous.

The Afflicted have varying degrees of power, and may or may not have human servants, while others prefer to work on their own. Some of them have escaped from their master's control over them or are outright hiding from them. Their basic interaction with the Fears and other Afflicted depend on the Afflicted - some coexist with some (or all) of these parties rather neutrally, while others are bitter enemies. Similarly, some Afflicted view humans as prey, some interact with them in a relatively neutral manner, and still others view them as potential servants.

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