The TMBG are an organization that are tasked with dealing with major Fear related events outside of the United States. They are a branch of Supernatural Threat Analysis Bureau, like the SMSC and The Lonely Hearts, but are less active and are only put into operation when major Fear related events happen outside of the US' borders. They usually go under the guise of CIA or NATO operatives. The name stands for The Transcontinental Mobile BriGade, but originates for They Might Be Giants, an American alternative rock band formed in 1982 by John Flansburgh and John Linnell. Unlike the SMSC, this was on purpose from the start. The Brigade uses code words when referring to The Supernatural and other organizations.


The raking system is identical to the US military ranking system (i.e. General, Chief Warrant Officer, etc.).

Code Words


  • Brooklynites: Referring to entities/phenomena that resemble the mundane. The Brigade usually doesn’t handle/interact with these on a regular basis as they pose less of a threat then the Giants.
  • Giants: Referring to entities/phenomena that are completely out of the ordinary/can’t be confused with the mundane and pose more of a threat. The brigade usually deals with entities of this classification.





    • NOT CONSTANTINOPLE: When reporting entering a Domain or other supernatural place.
  • WITH THE DARK: when referring to the connection between a human and an entity. “She was in love with the dark BELDAM”.

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