Socky by kenichi dapuppy

Drawn by Kiro Cloudwatcher

Socky is an Afflicted from The Cloudverse series who was created by The Slender Man in an attempt to make better servants. He is one of the earliest prototypes of the Affliction process, but is also considered one of the weakest Afflicted due to the imperfect method by which he was transformed. In spite of this, Socky is still highly respected as "The First" and is regularly seen commanding ordinary Proxies.



In the rebooted Owly verse, Socky will have a completely different background story. He won't be Alicia's father and he won't be made by the Slender Man.

"The Mainverse"

In the original "Main Cloudverse," Socky's background was never revealed but a few hints were planted that would have been explained further. Alicia obtained a list of Resonators and their status. She herself was on the list and unmarked. Her father, however, was also on the list and was marked with an X next to his name. This X would have been revealed to mean 'captured'. He became a runner shortly after Alicia's birth, hoping to keep his family safe by getting as far away from them as possible. How and when he was captured is unknown. Once he was captured, he was taken into The Path of Black Leaves and was turned into Socky. Shortly after becoming an Afflicted, Socky was sent back to hunt runners that normal proxies couldn't easily capture, including Alicia.

At one point he manages to capture Alicia and lets out a long groan that sounds like his daughters name. This might mean that he recognized her.


He looks like Slender Man, with the exception of a white sock pulled over his head, as he does not have the same blank face as Slender Man. A face can be vaguely seen through the sock, with black stains where his eyes should be.


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